Monday, May 16, 2011

Mark S. posted this video of a band called Slam Bamboo to Liz and I made the mistake of watching it and getting it stuck in my head for the past few days. The weirdness of it just washes over me in waves every time I watch it. Bolo ties, side-fros, electric drums played by a dude with an epic mullet, headless slap bass, and the lead singer looks like Andy Samberg! It doesn't help that the song is so cheesy-catchy either. Maybe the weirdest thing of all (and undoubtedly the reason it's on Youtube in the first place) is the keyboard player. Trent Reznor!? I guess everyone has skeletons in their closets like this. Even industrial rock King of Pain types. What a crazy world we live in...

Anyway, I had to draw the dude:

Now, if I could only get the song out of my head. Like Amy C. said, "watching you sleep while I'm fixing my hair-- TO BE WITH YOU!"


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