Monday, March 28, 2011

Ted Berrigan

Part of why I'm using this blog is an effort to develop a new style I can apply to my paid work. I've painted myself into corners (no pun intended) sometimes with the dense linework and am trying to experiment to find a looser style that would be a little more fun and a little less headache. The last few posts have been me reverting back to the dense stuff which is still fun from time to time. On this one, I must've tried about 5 different styles before I ended up back where I began. Maybe it's true about tigers and stripes. And I put the colored and uncolored together because I think I like the non-colored more. Ha! What can you do?

Anyway, my good friend Hannah kindly loaned me a book of Ted Berrigan's poetry which I enjoyed a great deal and this is my way of saying thanks. Thanks!

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